VRsteps Platform

Simple Plugin & Play

Our platform offers a simple, intuitive experience, catering to a wide range of gait and balance needs across all age groups. Get started right away with no sign-up needed to access our free version.


AI-Enhanced Rehabilitation Experience

The VRsteps platform is much more than it seems. Quick to start with various home exercises, proceed with connecting your therapist to enable remote monitoring and async video chat.


Always Growing

Our virtual world of physical rehabilitation and exercise has no limits and is always expanding its boundaries, constantly improving and receiving new capabilities.

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AI-Enhanced Rehabilitation Experience

Our platform leverages AI for multifaceted improvements in physical therapy

Multilingual Voice Guidance

Utilizing generative AI, we offer voice instructions in a variety of languages, ensuring accessibility and ease of understanding for a global user base.

Personalized Exercise Regimens

AI fine-tunes each exercise to meet individual patient needs, providing a tailored rehabilitation experience that adapts as you progress.

Data-Driven Insights

A new plantar pressure GPT designed for identifying gait and balance patterns, allowing remote patient diagnose and monitoring on scale.

Remote physical rehab

Turn the patient's home into a physical rehabilitation center with a dynamic virtual environment and high quality 3D animations guiding you to perform your exercises

Post stroke

We crafted unique exercises to help post-stroke patients practice everyday activities increasing recovery rate

Reduce risk

Reduce the risk of cerebrovascular disease by getting 150 minutes of physical exercise every week


Created by therapists and optionally enriched by sensor data produced by Spina Systems (S. Korea) hardware

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VRsteps for Therapists

We offer a patent-pending solution combined of a software application for patients, a web dashboard for therapists with async video chat capabilities, exercise drag&drop design and remote monitoring.

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