Treat & train yourself with sEMG sensors integrated in Virtual environment

The VRsteps PlatformTreat & train at home

Our mission is to enable people to inexpensively conduct rehabilitation at home by displaying the correct procedures on their mobile or Smart Tv and with attached sensors monitor their progress both locally and remotely.

Intuitive UI

We developed a crystal clear and simple UI, designed for usage by anyone ages 7+. A 3D avatr will guide you all way long!

Smart Health Care

The future of Digital Health is VRsteps. We offer home rehabilitation, treatment and training using advanced technologies.

Cloud Computing

We analyse your data remotely, allow remote treatment by medical personnel and turn your rehabilitation into a social experience.

TreatmentsFor home usage

VRsteps services

VRsteps offers a brand new and unique service - turn your home into a rehabilitation center with a dynamic virtual environment and high quality 3D animations guiding you to perform your exercises. By utilizing our VRsteps sEMG sensors, we manage to provide real-time biofeedback integrated in the virtual environment and allowing the patient understand if the movements are correct and how close to achieving the target you are.

VRsteps offers a patent-pending solution combined of our software application, a web application and an optional device, the VRsteps Sensor. Our VRsteps app can be downloaded for free and is offering basic virtual rehab treat & train content for home usage.

Compatible with Android, Android TV and Web (coming soon)


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