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VRsteps Platform

Simple & easy

Our mission is to enable people to inexpensively conduct rehabilitation at home and monitor their progress both remotely.



The VRsteps platform is much more than it seems. Quick to start with various home exercises, proceed with connecting your therapist to enable remote monitoring and async video chat.


Always Growing

Our virtual world of rehabilitation and exercise has no limits and is always expanding its boundaries, constantly improving and receiving new capabilities.

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Remote rehab

Turn the patient's home into a rehabilitation center with a dynamic virtual environment and high quality 3D animations guiding you to perform your exercises

Post stroke

We crafted unique exercises to help post-stroke patients practice everyday activities increasing recovery rate

Reduce risk

Reduce the risk of cerebrovascular disease by getting 150 minutes of physical exercise every week


Created by therapists and optionally enriched by sensor data produced by Spina Systems (S. Korea) hardware

VRsteps for Therapists

We offer a patent-pending solution combined of a software application for patients, a web dashboard for therapists with async video chat capabilities, exercise drag&drop design and remote monitoring.

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Get VRsteps app now unlimited free version.

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Individual Patient

  • $9

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Get access to exclusive exercises & features, home rehabilitation program, video chat and more with this member subscription.

Therapists Package

  • $99

  • 91 / mo .

Get 5 VRsteps patient users and access to VRsteps Therapist's Web Dashboard to monitor and treat your patients remotely, use async video chat to communicate, build personalized treatment plans and more.

Having a positive feedback in your early stages of rehabilitation is so crucial for success. Being able to get real-time feedback how close I am to an achievement is incredible!

Our rehab center is constantly short on staff and having technologies such as VRsteps to assist our therapists in everyday exercises is a gamer changer. The patients tend to quickly forget the exercises they have to practice and this app installed on our TV is simply guiding them non-stop.

Its great you are offering this for free even though there are limited amount of exercises they are actually pretty helpful.

Our Latest News

TeleRehab during COVID-19

Hospitals and healthcare systems across the world are looking at telehealth strategies to connect with patients in remote locations. This trend has only accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Partnership with Spina Systems

    VRsteps partners up with Spina Systems, S. Korean medical device manufacturer integrating the new Pedisols into our virtual environment.

      VRsteps available now on Android TVs

      We adjusted our whole app in order to have full remote control support allowing us to offer VRsteps for Android TV devices.

        Thank you TLV Rotary

        It is always exciting to present VRsteps in front of new people, especially when you have experienced investors and specialists in the audience.

          First pilot in hospital

          Thank you Soroka Medical Center for allowing us to pilot VRsteps in the rehab facility, enabling patients to experience the exercises and assist your team of therapists in the day to day workload.

            BGU University Internship

            VRsteps to accept MBA students for internships, allowing the company to expand faster and the students to learn hands-on about entrepreneurship and start-up management.

              Post trauma rehabilitation