Rehab with real-time EMG integrated in VR environment

How VRsteps worksControl your avatar with your own muscles

Intuitive UI

We developed a very simple UI

Expert Trainers

Partnerships with expert doctors and rehabilitation facilities

Cloud data access

Doctors can monitor the activity remotely

Our JourneyTo bring VRsteps alive

Our Vision

Virtual reality (VR) is an increasingly common term to refer to the real-time computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that replaces the natural sources of stimulation of the real world by artificial stimulation in different channels.

The extent to which an individual is unable to acknowledge that an experience is computer-generated, known as the level of presence, and other elicited subjective perceptions in VR are determined by user and media characteristics. User characteristics involve demographic aspects, motor or cognitive limitations, personality, and mood. Media characteristics involve not only the technological properties of the presentation of sensory information and the facilitation of the interaction, but also the content of the virtual environment (VE). The technology-mediated simulation of enriched environments and the provision of controlled sensory stimulation enable immersion in potentially hazardous and ecologically valid environments. These characteristics can be specially interesting for rehabilitation because they may allow to exceed the boundaries of the clinical setting and provide customized training to each participant.

Compatible with Android/IOS


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